Video Production – 3 Ways to Communicate Your Value


Video is a medium for conveying stories. No message means no video.

At the heart of your message is your value and your brand: what do you have to offer and what makes you unique?

Professional Video Production:

  1. Identifies what is unique about your company, and then…
  2. Tells viewers about it in compelling stories that grab your audience’s attention.


Ask yourself:

  1. How will viewers find my video?
  2. How will my video help viewers “experience” my brand“?
  3. What will my call to action direct them to do?
  4. This can be done in different ways.

“Social Videos” reach out to your audience, make them curious, engage new customers and make them want to come back. Which means:

  • Your Facebook videos engage viewers and build a community of followers
  • Your YouTube videos attract attention and, whenever possible, go viral
  • A homepage video establishes expertise, credibility and trust
  • Your testimonials let authentic voices speak for you, in their own words
  • Spoof videos get your audience laughing and wanting more
  • Your creative videos surprise people and build brand loyalty


Video Production

Lots of companies have low-budget or no-budget YouTube videos, but they are only hurting themselves.

Inexpensive HD video cameras are a dime a dozen, and so are low-bid camera technicians who own one. If you hire one, here are a few things you might find out after it’s too late:

  • You have to come up with all of the ideas (“creativity not included”)
  • You have to micro-manage
  • They end up costing you double in lost productivity and frustration
  • You will not get the professional video marketing you paid for or the results you expect

If you are like most decision makers, you are busy running your company and need a specialist who takes charge of your video project, delivers on time and helps you track results. Call us at (248) 935-0110 to see how we can help your business.

A note about the author:

David Mayer’s 25-year career as a video producer includes experience as an educator, journalist and composer of advertising jingles. His company Videoburst creates web videos that employ internet marketing strategies, video marketing and search engine optimization. All to help drive web traffic and increase new business. Typical Videoburst videos are short, creative and fun to watch. Videoburst works with clients in Auburn Hills, Troy, Southfield and all over metro Detroit.