Video Marketing – 3 Effective Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Video marketing, or using video on your website and in your social media to attract customers, is sometimes confused with viral marketing. Today, viral marketing is the attempt to get potential clients to spread your brand for you.

Simply put, trying to make a viral video is a bit of a long shot. Professional video marketing done by a qualified videographer, on the other hand, is effective and measurable (and requires no cute kittens). Call (248) 935-0110 and let us show you how.


Testimonials are a natural for the web.

The internet is all about what’s real and authentic. We identify with real people in web videos, including their flaws, lack of professional polish and even a certain amount of discomfort in front of the camera. We expect television to be smooth, scripted and “produced”, while we expect something different from the web.

That’s why web videos do not need to be perfect in order to be effective. Let’s face it, web users rarely expect (or get) perfection. For instance, testimonials can build instant credibility like no other genre, and one of the reasons is that the good ones are straightforward and very simply produced.


Let’s say you are visiting a website for the first time, you’re willing to give it 10 seconds of your time to see if you are interested, and it gives you four choices:

  1. “About us” description with a “learn more” button
  2. Tab listing services
  3. Photo gallery
  4. Video

Which would you click on first? I know in my case, I always check out the video (with photographs coming in second). Even if the video does not entertain me, it gives me more information in a shorter amount of time than the alternatives. If it is amusing or a little different, or if it gives me a taste of something I did not expect, I’m drawn in.

Like everyone else, I enjoy being entertained. Viewers are constantly looking for an excuse for a little levity. The beauty of a video, especially one that promises a little humor or creativity, is that even “serious” viewers and shoppers justify the entertaining viewing time since they are “learning” something at the same time.


Skateboarder in midair

Unfortunately, many big brand advertisers think their television commercials will play just as well on the web. They’re wrong. No one goes to their computer to get the exact same thing they see on their TV.

In contrast, the authentic webmercial is designed specifically for the internet.

Why Video Marketing?

Some of its essential attributes are:

  • A quirkier quality than TV commercials
  • A more distinct point of view, less generic
  • More focus on actual people and authentic situations

These qualities are some of the reasons that webmercials are more effective than their television counterparts. Especially since web users constantly demand the “real deal” and disregard videos that remind them too much of TV.

A note about the author:

David Mayer’s 25-year career as a video producer includes experience as an educator, journalist and composer of advertising jingles. His company Videoburst creates web videos that employ internet marketing strategies, video marketing and search engine optimization. All to help drive web traffic and increase new business. Typical Videoburst videos are short, creative and fun to watch. Videoburst works with clients in Auburn Hills, Troy, Southfield and all over metro Detroit.