Videographer – 4 Tips for Hiring the Best

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Companies in Southfield, Auburn Hills and all over Southeast Michigan are increasingly exploring ways to integrate videos created by a professional videographer into their sales, marketing and training strategies. Some of the key questions they face when hiring a videographer are:

  • How do I hire a video production company if I’ve got no experience to go on?
  • What questions should I ask?
  • What should I avoid that may steer me down the wrong path?
  • How do I judge the company’s competence?

The following tips are intended to help you answer these questions.

Tip #1: Hire a videographer with online video samples that are easy to find and enjoyable to watch.

The proof is in the pudding. Ask yourself if you would want any of their demo videos streaming on your site.

  • Are you finding an example of the type of video you are looking for, or at least something close?
  • If not, have they offered to send you a demo video that is relevant to your needs?

Tip #2: Hire a videographer who offers creative suggestions that build on your original idea.

Since you are not the video expert, it’s not your job to come up with all the ideas. Once you explain your concerns, he or she should start asking questions and brainstorming possibilities with you.

Do their ideas make you feel motivated and excited?

Don’t forget: video is a creative medium. The people who create it are supposed to be creative, too!

Tip #3: Hire videographers who understands how to create videos that market your company and bring in new customers.


A web video can be a powerful marketing tool that drives your sales, marketing or advertising plan forward in a dynamic way.

Does the videographer ask pointed questions about your company’s brand and what differentiates you from your competitors?

If the demos on their website have a generic, “seen-it-before” quality, they probably haven’t bothered to find out what is unique about their clients.

Tip #4: If your video is for the web, then hire a video producer who knows how to customize videos so that they appeal to a web audience.

We’re not talking about TV here. Web video is a whole new game. Which kind of videos tend to be effective on the web; what do viewers respond to? It is the professional’s job to steer you away from videos that just don’t work for web users. These can include videos that are too long, too boring or just plain irrelevant.

It is also important to understand the best way to distribute and track the success of your video using free but effective tools.


Producing a video for your company can be an exciting way to bring your staff together around a creative and collaborative project. Remember: it should be fun! Good luck in your search for a company that will become a true partner for you.

A note about the author:

David Mayer’s 25-year career as a video producer includes experience as an educator, journalist and composer of advertising jingles. His company Videoburst creates web videos that employ internet marketing strategies, video marketing and search engine optimization. All to help drive web traffic and increase new business. Typical Videoburst videos are short, creative and fun to watch. Videoburst works with clients in Auburn Hills, Troy, Southfield and all over metro Detroit.