Web Video – Three Biggest Challenges

Do you feel that your web video is failing to reach the largest possible audience because it is just not dynamic enough?

If you own or run a medium to large size business, chances are you want to:

  • Get viewers excited about your brand
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase your return on investment in your website and marketing plan

If this is true, then I would like to show you how to revitalize your brand and change the way clients perceive you with web video. A lot of companies are exploring commercial and promotional videos for their websites and desperately need a guide to this powerful new tool.

My name is David Mayer; I am a web video expert and I do something unique in the field of video production.  Yes, I create amazing videos for websites.  But I also integrate video into your marketing strategy in order to take your business to the next level.

Viewers Demand Web Video

People increasingly expect their information to be delivered in the form of video.  In fact, nearly one third of all web searches are searches for video. Until recently, video was an “extra”.  Today it is essential, and that’s why…

I’d like to showcase three problems businesses encounter when attempting to hire a video company to create effective web videos for their website. Then I’d like to send you a Free Report that will explain how to eliminate these problems.

3 of the Biggest Problems Businesses Face When Hiring A Company to Create a Web Video

This Special Report addresses the three most common challenges in choosing a company to make a web video for you, such as…

  1. Where do I begin? How do I hire a web video expert if I’ve never done it before? What questions should I ask? What should I avoid that may steer me down the wrong path? How do I judge the company’s competence?
  2. How much work will it be for me? Most customers find that producing a web video takes much less of their time than anticipated. A competent video company does 95% of the work themselves.  They also answer your questions before quoting the job so you know exactly what will be expected of you. For example, is a script involved? Who writes it? Will filming take place in my office? Should I appear in the video myself?  And much more.
  3. Will it drive my marketing plan forward? Is the company going to listen to me and take the time to understand how I’m different from my competition?  Will the video integrate seamlessly into my marketing plan and raise it to the next level?  Or, will they give me a “one size fit’s all” video?

This Special Report answers all these questions. It includes warning signs for companies that want to push you in a direction you don’t need to go.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Since you are not the video professional, it’s not your job to come up with all the ideas.  As soon as you explain your needs, your web video expert should start asking relevant questions and brainstorming possibilities with you.

Once this happens, do their ideas make you feel motivated and excited? Making a video should be fun! The best companies will even help you to overcome camera shyness or stage fright should you decide to be in the picture yourself.

Don’t Meet With Any Web Video Expert Until You’ve Read Our Detailed Report: “How to Choose a Company to Create Your Web Video: 9 Questions”

You’re smart to be exploring how web video can help your company reach out to customers. Web users increasingly demand information in a format that engages them. Watching video is far and away more entertaining than reading.

Website Video is Your Magnet to Attract Customers

The most common use of web video is posting a video on your website.  But what about potential customers who haven’t been to your website yet?  How do you get them there?

“Video Marketing” is the strategic placement of your video on free video sharing sites like YouTube in order to lead viewers to your website.  This can be a powerful customer magnet because when web users search for your product or service there’s a good chance they will use YouTube instead of Google.  This increases your audience by adding an entirely new category: people who found your website video through searches. It then steers these potential customers to your website, where you convert them to paying customers.

But first, your video has to be good enough to watch! This is why choosing a video company is so critical; our Special Report will uncover vital information to help you make the right choice.

P.S. One of the most overlooked facts about web video is that it reaches people on an emotional level. Make sure your video grabs viewers’ attention in ways printed materials and web copy can’t.

Be sure to contact us to receive your free report.

A note about the author:

David Mayer’s 25-year career as a video producer includes experience as an educator, journalist, and composer of advertising jingles. His company Videoburst creates web videos that employ internet marketing strategies, video marketing, and search engine optimization. All to help drive web traffic and increase new business. Typical Videoburst videos are short, creative, and fun to watch. Videoburst works with clients in Auburn Hills, Troy, Southfield, and all over metro Detroit.